It’s been quite a while since my last update. A lot has change in my life in the last few months and it’s taken a little bit of a adjustment, but for the best reasons.

My wife and I welcomed our first child into this world and we all could not be happier. Everything is going great but this of course has meant that time I usually spend taking photos, making videos and generally chatting about photography has taken a back seat.

Now that we’re more settled into our new way of life I’m finding a little bit more time again for my photography passion, albeit a little more slowly and measured.

Going Forward

Doing what I was doing, which was basically getting out every weekend to try and take some photos and make a YouTube video was already becoming unsustainable before having a cute and adorable baby in my life. So I’m scaling things back.

The new plan is to primarily focus on this platform as my main creative outlet. In the coming months I’m going to be writing some articles focusing on the trials and tribulations of being a hobby photographer without a niche. I’m talking about articles around my attempts to photograph things that I might be unfamiliar with, talks about my favourite lenses and general guides on what works for me.

Hopefully you’ll get something out of it and I know that it will be a chance to keep talking about the things that I love.

I’m hard at work on the first article but all I can say for now is thank you for the continued support and keep watching this space.

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