Hi, my name is Scott Lyons. Welcome to my website Scott Lyons Photography. 

I'm an amateur photographer who just enjoys taking photos. On this site you will find a selection of the photographs that I've taken over the years that I hope you will find enjoyable. If you're interesting any any of my work it can be purchased in print form at my store


I started taking photography seriously in 2013 when I bought my first DSLR, a Nikon D3100. What started out as an excuse to get outside and enjoy the open world soon turned into a love of capturing that world and sharing it as I see it.

As the years have passed I've tried to perfect my skills as a photographer, and as an artist. Many of my early photographs are born from what I think looks good, and as such are not tied down to a single field.

More recently I've found that my love of baking and photography go well together, and have merged the two to create delicious looking photos of wonderful food. 

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