Let's Go Macro

Have you ever wanted to do macro photography without spending the earth on a shiny new lens? That was the my question. Here's how it went.

The How

I've always been a bit fan of taking the small world and bringing it into a perspective. My trusty Nikon kit lens (18-55mm) has been quite good at macro shots. But I've been wanting more, therefore, after a bit of research I found out how to take my macros to a new level. As it turns out if you have a prime lens you can get away with a lens reversal technique and this technique is exactly how it sounds: take your lens and reverse it on the camera.

To begin with, attaching the lens to the camera will make this a lot easier, and for roughly £8 you can find such connectors on Amazon or Ebay. As for the lens itself, I picked up a Nikon 50mm 1.8/f D on Ebay a few months back. This lens works great on my D7200. I highly suggest that you get a lens with manual aperture control. You'll understand why in a minute.

The Catch

So this all sounds great, but what's the catch? The lens not being connected electrically to the camera is your first problem, as a result this means full manual mode with no auto focus. Only via the lens will you be able to change aperture, not in camera, however, these are small prices to pay for the cost savings. The best way is to take a photo of your subject and check the results, then adjust as appropriate.

The Results

How does it perform you ask? Here, let me show you. All these photographs are taken handheld. Check out the links below to view full size.

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