RAF Cosford Airshow 2019

Posted on June 23rd, 2019

RAF Cosford airshow marks my 6th visit to an airshow in the UK and it did not disappoint. With a huge array of static aircraft and grand displays from some well known (and some not so well known aircraft), there was plenty to see and do, and more importantly, plenty to photography. 

Over the years I like to think I've become  a lot better at taking photographs of jets as they whizz past or helicopters as they slowly nod their head to the crowd. But truth be told sometimes it does help to be in the right place at the right time. Take this cover image of an Apache gunship for example:

I've seen this display before but never been lucky enough to capture it. Unless you know it's coming (and let's be honest, if you did it would spoil the surprise), it's difficult to capture the scene. Luckily on this occasion I was already staring down the lens and managed to get quite a few shots off. Out of the series this ended up being my favourite, a little bit of smoke, a little bit of fire and a while lot of Apache. 

Any airshow in the United Kingdom wouldn't be complete without the Red Arrows. Performing since 1965 the pilots in this aerobatic team really know they're stuff, and never fail to delight with their loops and spins.

As for my photographs of the Red Arrows I really love to bring out the smoke trails. For me this is one of the most interesting parts of their performance, creating new clouds in the sky. Sure, the aerobatics are amazing, but who doesn't love a loop highlighted by pillows of fluffy white smoke? 

I'll leave you with one of my more favourite photographs from the day. This was the first airshow that I had the pleasure of seeing a Hawker Sea Fury in action and it was amazing. The sound of the engine overhead, the graceful way it cut through the air. As with a lot of my pictures I'm over dramatised the scene a little to make the Sea Fury stand out and look like it's flying into action.

That's it for now. If you want to see more of my photographs from RAF Cosford Airshow or any of the other airshows I've been to check out my aircraft gallery.

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